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Eastside Concerned Citizens, Inc.(ECCI) is more than a typical neighborhood association. We are a family that is dedicated to the well-being of all our members and our neighborhood.

ECCI has been working diligently to identify and address the needs of our community, and share our assessments and ideas in order to improve our neighborhood.

One of the best ways to get involved with the ECCI is to attend our monthly meetings that are scheduled every 2nd Saturday of the month at the W.W. Law community center (909 E. Bolton Street) from 11:00-12:00​. These meetings allow our residents to come together and share their ideas and concerns regarding activities and improvements that will benefit our neighborhood.​

We are one of the fifty-five Neighborhood Associations in the City of Savannah and our boundaries are as follows:

Wheaton Street on the North
Anderson Street on the South
Waters Avenue on the East

East Broad Street on the West

As an Association, we encourage all who reside within our boundaries, as well as those outside, to join our family and become members of ECCI (membership is free). There is no better way to help your community than by being active and aware of the events and issues that affect our neighborhood and city.

​Our Mission :​​​​​​ To promote the general welfare of residents and to improve conditions in the neighborhood, thus providing a clean and safe place to live; to address issues of poverty reduction. ​

909 East Bolton St. Savannah, GA 31401

E-mail: eastsideconcern@hotmail.com

Phone: (912) 272-4025




Monthly Meetings Every ​2nd Saturday
11:00 a.m - 12:00 p.m. at the W. W. Law Community Center​​



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